Responsible Sourcing

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Budi Feed, manufacturer of Calcium Salts, recognizes the need to ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials in the production its products. As such, Budi Feed’s current palm oil based feedstock (PFAD) is sourced from refineries based in peninsular Malaysia. This feedstock is produced as a by-product of the refining process of crude palm oil from within the conventional supply chain. Current market conditions support the regional procurement of crude palm oil by the refiners in peninsular Malaysia, where the vast majority of the oil palm plantations are mature and are not contributing to de-forestation in the region.

Budi Feed is developing a supply chain specific strategy for responsible sourcing to ensure that its activities and products do not contribute to de-forestation and environmental degradation.

Budi Feed will demonstrate its commitment to responsible sourcing through:

1.The development and implementation of a Responsible Sourcing Guideline for Palm Based Feedstock based on the following general provisions.

Budi Feed with ensure that all its raw materials sources:

a. Have not led to deforestation: Budi Feed will ensure that its products are sourced from land that has not been converted from natural forest to a plantation or other land use.

b.Have not led to the loss of High Conservation Values: Budi Feed will ensure that products are sourced in a manner that maintains or enhances high conservation values in the surrounding landscape. 

c.Have been produced in compliance with Budi Feed’s Business Principles and The Budi Feed Supplier Code 

2.Supplier engagement, assessment, action plans and monitoring 

3.Time bound plan to source only from suppliers that meet the Responsible Sourcing Guideline for Palm Based Feedstock by 2020

Budi Feed sees this as a high priority and will continue to improve and adapt the strategy to ensure its effectiveness. For further information please contact us at the above address and email contact.

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